Tips For Dealing With Exhausting Depression When You Must Get Out Of Bed

Depression is a mental illness that can affect anyone. If you suffer from moderate to severe depression, there may be times where life gets more mentally and physically exhausting. If you are going through a bout of depression and you are finding it hard to get out of bed, you may need to take baby steps in order to start feeling better. Here are some steps and tips to help get through the day when your depression is exhausting. 

Take medication before bedtime or naptime

Some depression medication can make you tired; however, it is important not to stop taking your medication cold turkey. Instead, change up the time that you take your medication. For example, you can take your medication as soon as you get home, so that the time that you get sleepy will be around your normal bedtime. You can also ask your doctor about energy enhancing supplements, such as B-12, to determine if they will work well with your medication. 

Read in bed when you first get up

There are some self-help gurus who produce books that provide you with tools to aid in positive thinking during depression. Some books are created to help you feel better through positive thinking and affirmations. Select some self-help books that make you feel good and empowered and keep them next to your bed. When you are laying in bed and feeling groggy, grab a book that helps to boost your spirit. Reading just a few pages of the books, even while tired, can help you gain some of the power that you need to get started during the day. Click here for more information about some resources you might find useful.

Move food and water into your room

If you are having trouble getting out of bed, or if you are sleeping more often due to your depression, you want to make sure that you can still care for yourself. Move snack foods and water or juice into your room. If you are not getting out of bed much and you don't have food or juice ready, you may dehydrate and feel even more sluggish. Get a small mini fridge and microwave or a small cooler to keep inside of your room. This way you can still remain in bed to rest, but you won't dehydrate or become sick from not eating, especially if you are taking medication. 

Continue home organization

Letting your surroundings become disorganized and messy can worsen your depression. In small bursts of five or ten minutes a day, you should clean up your home. Having an organized space will make it easier to get ready and function each day and can increase the enjoyability of the rest of your space. This small step can make it easier to start getting out of bed.